ICAMus – The International Center for American Music
Scientific Partner of Prescott Studio

Aloma Bardi, fondatrice di ICAMus, ritratta nella sua biblioteca di famiglia.

Founded (in 2002) and directed by Aloma Bardi, The International Center for American Music promotes knowledge and appreciation of music and musical life of the United States of America. In a broader perspective, ICAMus is committed to the discovery of American music in its diverse connections and mutual influences. The Center works in cooperation with universities, theatres and cultural institutions.

In its collaboration with Prescott – first established to accomplish specialist work on American opera, musical and drama – ICAMus has provided historically documented translation of libretti and style revision of projected texts. Through the medium of the English language, ICAMus aims at creating a centre of excellence with Prescott, where the Organization itself can find an expansion of its own scope.

Aloma Bardi – Biography and publications

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