• Surtitling, subtitling
    & multilingual titling
    for the live performing arts.


Platform for multi-language wireless titling
Technological Partner of Prescott Studio

OperaVoice is a service that wireless connects to mobile devices, to which it transmits the titling for the ongoing event. Born in the Prescott Studio workshop and meant for theatre audiences, OperaVoice integrates the traditional video projections above the proscenium with the additional value of multi-language adaptation, chosen on mobile’s menu by each patron.

Designed for the live performance (opera, drama, puppetry, musical, extra-European traditions), OperaVoice is an ideal platform for many other occasions, such as pop music and cinema, conferences and seminars, even sporting events, wherever there is textual content to transmit to an audience. Further worthy purposes are planned as disability support.

OperaVoice is an is an Italian patent – nr. 1400206, July 25th, 2013. All rights reserved.

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Piazza Madonna della Neve 7 · 50122 Firenze, Italy
Tel. +39 055 0988066 · Fax +39 055 2590882 · Mob. +39 3397012275
www.operavoice.net · mail@operavoice.net

Above – Stefano Bozolo, founder and director of OperaVoice, portrayed at Prescott Studio.