January 2014 – Prato, Teatro Metastasio
Surtitles for drama dedicated to hearing-impaired viewers
It is the first time in Italy within a theatre season

With surtitles for hearing-impaired viewers edited by Prescott Studio,
was performed in Prato at Teatro Metastasio
The Shakespeare’s «Taming of the Shrew», directed by Andreij Končalovskij

The reading of synchronized texts, adapted to theatre events according to specific parameters, can be of great help for sensory-impaired viewers, such as the hearing-impaired. It has been a consistent support in television programs, and it now begins to be employed in movie theatres. For the theatre, this is a significant step forward in ensuring a larger, more accurate participation.

Spettatori ipo-udenti a teatro (2011) – © Stagetext
BBC Two – Accessing Theatre Performance (2010)